Money Mindset and Wealth Creation Made Easy: For Entrepreneurs Ready to Exceed Their Goals

A 6-Week Self-Study Course with Proven Mindset Strategies to Manifest More Money ACT FAST: Get 2 BONUS Weeks & 40 Page Wealth Workbook  


Working with Meg helped transform me from a newbie entrepreneur with a "scary idea" that I was pursuing part-time, to leaving Corporate 7 months earlier than planned. I was quickly creating $10K months as a bad ass business owner and also attracting $17K deals in rapid time.  

I recently celebrated my 2-year business anniversary and often say that I would have quit so many times without Meg’s coaching. Her help with clarity from the get go and keeping my mindset locked up so that I knew that I could handle the growth of my business was huge. I worked with her for about 2 years as a 1:1 client and in her mindset courses which was transformational for me. 


Your strategy is on point and you know how to succeed, so you're feeling a bit lost as to why you're not earning as much money as you desire. 

"What needs to change for the cash to flow more freely in your direction?" may cross your mind from time to time as you consider how hard you work and that you really are a good person. "What gives: why isn't my income growing more year-over-year?" may be a thought-process that feels a bit like a brick wall that you're unsure how to climb. 


 If you're not yet at the level that you desire with money (and I know that this can be a tough reality to hear) then there is a part of you that subconsciously feels safer not hitting your financial goals. If earning more money was safe for you, then it would be here already.  

The sooner that you grasp this and do something about it, the sooner that your financial world will improve. If what you're doing right now is not fully working at the financial level that you desire, then deep down you know something needs to change. 

That something is you.


"Megan is a master at making clarity out of the storm of thoughts and feelings that hits entrepreneurs every other minute. While working with Megan, I went from point zero of my new business in a completely new country to sustaining myself and my business independently, in only 3 months doing $5,000/mo to start.  

I highly recommend working with Megan to any entrepreneur who is ready to seriously take their life and business to the next level. She is very direct and to the point; she addresses her clients' doubts with wisdom and solves hidden blockages in their mindsets at all times. Having a background both as a yoga instructor (which developed her spiritual + physical side ) and as a financial advisor (rational area) she is a very complete transformational leader.”


Having built my first book of business up to multiple-millions of dollars, and worked with hundreds of clients around their money mindset and relationship to wealth, then sold that business in my early 30's in a lucrative financial deal: I can tell you that it's those who go inward that succeed. It's those who take responsibility for their mindset that create massive transformation and who will continue to grow...

If that's not yet you, then talk heart because the change that you desire can happen fast.


You don't need to wait for your schedule to magically align with a course. You can get started right away from the comfort of home with interactive trainings sent to you each week.

You need help figuring out why you're resisting money and wealth because you are ready for financial abundance now.

You need to fully believe that you are worthy of money on the deepest level, that you can manage a rapidly growing client-base with ease, and that the more visible you become then the more wealth that will come your way. You need to embody the truth that it's easy for you to manifest money, that higher-levels of success is sustainable and always available to you, and that consistently growing revenue is just a part of who you are... If you want to grow a six to seven figure business, then that starts from within and it's time to become an energetic match for the wealth that you desire. If you want to be the fastest growing business on the block, live your biggest dreams without sacrifice, and be in an abundant state of money flow, then it's time to let go of your money troubles for good and start receiving more money every single day.


Each week, you will be sent a training video with interactive mindset and business-building lessons. Additional trainings are included as a bonus to supplement your learning and you always have the option to get extra one-one coaching in case you want more help.

  • Week 1: Discover The Root of Your Money Beliefs (If you want to propel into new levels of success FAST, then this kind of clarity is a must!)  
  • Week 2: Identify and Clear Your Money Blocks (If you don't know how to do this, then you'll keep falling behind - do this now to capture all of the money that wants to come your way, but is currently being spent by your clients elsewhere.)  
  • Week 3: Step Into Your Next-Level of Financial Success Today (You can still be a master of money and wealth even if you've made money mistakes in the past... let's clear those blocks to receiving abundance now!)  
  • Week 4: Embody Your Wealthiest Self Now (It's time to live in that next-level identity of being the person who has it all. This lesson will show you why it has not happened yet and how to get there!)  
  • Week 5: Up-Level Your Money-Making Energy and Become a Magnet for Wealth (If you don't know how to use universal laws and your own energy to make money on repeat, then you're repelling money instead of magnetizing it - change that now and you will create wealth quickly!)  
  • Week 6: Receive Money Always and Let Go of Your Money Troubles for Good (If you're ready to unlock the most important part of manifestation, then you must learn how to step into the end-result of being a financial success today before another dollar passes you by!)


  • Week 7: How to Show Up Consistently on Facebook and Get Clients (The mindset work that attracts $10-$20K clients with a 11-page content creation workbook for copywriting that gets you paid every time!)  
  • Week 8: How to Get Speaking Gigs & $25K Clients from Live, Local Events (The mindset work and strategy that consistently works to get speaking events - in fact, one client implemented this and had 5 new speaking events in less than 24 hours that could add an extra $125,000 to her business!)  
  • Plus: A 40-Page Workbook With the Best Wealth Education That You Can Get Without Becoming a Financial Advisor (Limited to first 100 clients) (Over 10 years of financial expertise in a workbook to help you create everlasting wealth).